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Let me start by introduce myself: I’m amateur photographer (this is my passion), I’m leaving in Arlon where I have a small photo studio but I can move and this is my page where you can find my pictures:

If you’re reading this, you want to know more either because I sent you an invitation or someone mentioned my name

To make it easy – in a few images:

What I propose


What I ask you back

To secure our rights, I will invite you later if you’re OK to sign a contract[1].



Here are the more frequent questions you ask me :

  • 1. Can I come accompanied?

    This is not always easier but yes you can come with someone else.

    You need then to find someone who is not too much present.  If you’re always taking care of or always talking to this person, pictures could be not so nice that what we can expect…

  • 2. Why do I propose this to you?

    This is probably the most common first question when I propose to someone to make a shooting.

    Our meeting can be a coincidence but if I want to connect with you (whatever the canal Facebook, Instagram, the real life), it’s because I believe that we can make some nice pictures together.

    A look, a smile, a picture can “titillate” my interest.

    So, our meeting could be a coincidence but the fact that I contact you never.

    The real question is not “why you?” but “why not you?”

  • 3. Where can we do this?

    Nearly everywhere – I said nearly


    It could be a park, a castle, forest, lake, river…     I travel often so I can come close to you.

    Anywhere as the idea is to take some pictures of you somewhere not a landscape with you in front.

    In a photo studio

    I have a small but nice studio in the city centre of Arlon (south of Belgium).  As you can imagine it’s not simple to move, it’s so quite easier if you’re coming.

    Additionally, to the “old” fabric backgrounds, I propose paper backgrounds in this different colour: black, white, beige, grey, pink, red, blue and green.  If I find out the budget, I hope to add soon yellow, royal blue or tobacco


    Somewhere else?

     ‘Cos there is some other choice: urbex, hotel, furnished apartment or wherever

  • 4. What about the cost?

    This is typically a “time for prints” or “time for pictures” arrangement.  None of us is paying anything.

    I come with my photo material, my experience and my time (usually between 3 or 4 time the time spent for the shooting).

    And you come with your smile, your time, your looks…

    So, there is no monetary exchange between us when there is still an investment anyway

    On the other hand, if we must rent a hotel or a costume, we will probably discuss this point to share cost.

    Why is it free?

    Yes, I agree this is a bit strange but by not making this for money, I can decide when and with whom I make pictures.

    There is also another financial reason, it costs me a lot but it could cost me more if I’m self-employed and don’t play with black economy.

    However, you will probably not pay the price I can ask for such shooting.

  • 5. When can we do this?

    My real job can be quite time consuming but not only during specific period.  Then I can only shoot the weekend – it can so take a while before we can organise a shooting.

    I do it for the fun and only for the fun…  I spent most of my weekends but I need also some time for post-treatment, my social life and I’m happy when I can see my parents from time to time J

    I so apologise if I’m not coming back to you – even if I contacted you.

  • 6. Is anybody concerned?

    Yes and no.

    This is my passion but I can’t make shooting with everybody every day.  It happens that I say no to some proposal. It doesn’t mean you’re not enough pretty, too much this or not enough that… it just means that your profile is not what I’m looking for.

    But I’m sure that there is a photographer for each model in the world, you will find someone to do this shooting.

  • 7. Do you make some sexy photos?

    As a lot of other photographers, I’m also doing from time to time some “glamour”, body painting (like for the project “super hero” with Magali Couset), hidden nude, boudoir…

    To avoid mixing those pictures with the “normal” ones, they are available on another page . The access of this page is limited to people over 17 yo.

    I want to reiterate that this is not mandatory at all.  We can talk about a shooting without thinking to this kind of pictures and even we talk about this doesn’t mean it will happen.  Of course, this is reserved to adult persons. 

    This sounds maybe useless to say but I must tell.

  • 8. I like the idea. What is the next step?

    To make easier the discussion, I made a survey – this one is only in French for the moment but it should not be too complicate to understand.

    When you’re done or if you want to contact, just drop me a quick message.

    I’m also updating on a regular basis a doodle (only in French but it doesn’t really matter for this one)

    Don’t hesitate to select several dates as « models » usually always select the same date and then you must fill it anew. 

  • 9. Is there any contract?

    Yes – and if you’re underage, you’ll have to ask your parents to sign it.

  • ⚠ you're underage
    if you're underage, you MUST discuss with your parents BEFORE to take any formal decision
  • 1. Important notice – you’re underage?

    Usually, in Europe, the justice considers that you’re mature enough to decide between 12 and 14 years old if you want (or not) to make a photo shooting but, as far you’re underage, your parents are the only ones who can take the final decision. 

    It is so mandatory to have a chat with them before.  By the way, no authorisation means no shooting.

  • 2. Can I come accompanied?

    Yes! The presence of an adult is warmly recommended as you’re underage. 

    I have already refused by the past some shooting just because the model came alone.

  • 3. What is minimum age required?

    I usually don’t accept when models are less than 16 years old.  However, I made already some exceptions to this rule.

  • 4. Who signed the contract?

    As you’re underage, you have not the legal capacity to do it then your parents will have to sign it.

    But you will anyway sign it too! Because if your parents and you accept to entrust me with your image, I entrust you with my photographer’s image too.  Therefore, I guess it’s important for you to know what are the engagement of anyone.

  • what I DON'T propose
  • 1. Agency or career

    I’m only amateur, so I have no particular, formal or even unformal contacts with models’ agencies. 

    Some people used my pictures to prepare a book (I had even some good feedbacks) but I will not -and I don’t wish to- promise you anything.

  • 2. Print

    I’m not printing any pictures for you.

  • 3. professional performance

    I’m not doing wedding, baby shower, baby/kids shooting, birthday parties, prom…

  • 4. Pictures of couple

    I don’t like to make picture of couple…  usually, I propose to make some pictures at the end or during a “traditional” shooting.









[1]  by your parents if you’re underage – saved in menu “links


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