This URL has been created to reach different objectives:

Firstly, create an information platform to provide some up-to-date information on what I propose and the way I do it usually.

Secondly, the URL smilecollector.photos is too long (even if I love this name 'cos it's describe so well the "concept") so I decide to have a shortest URL to share with you not so long links.

Finally, I want to have the smallest email addresses because when filling form, it takes a while to type or to spell on the phone.

So, this address is still easy to recognise and #smlcol is a good hashtag


What do you want to do?


see my pix

by default, you will be transfer to the "shooting" pages.

go to smilecollector.photos


what I propose

you want to have further details on my proposition?f2f">vers ma proposition

go to smilecollector.photos


check smlcol.com

if you first want to ensure that smlcol.com is linked to smilecollector.photos

vérifier l'info